Principal Desk

Assalamualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarkatuhu…

It is honored to being a part of JAMIA HAFSAH SCHOOL ENGLISH MEDIUM.
It is my pleasure I got an opportunity that I can do something for my school.
Actually in our Area there are lots of school running from many years, But we are going with different concept. We are Providing Madarasa after school over and it is Totally Free & Optional If parents are agree than they can allow their kids to stay to take Deeniyat Ta’alim.

We are not combining Deeniyat with Academic because both are very special their own.

• Providing students with Best Islamic English School in Ahmedabad Montessori method & A positive environment conductive to learning.
• Instilling students Universal values of Honesty, Respect & Self-discipline & Encourage them to demonstrate these values through their Action.
• According to my point of view kids are not only just student, They are foundation of our Culture, They are future generation, So we are trying to became them not only successful person Even a perfect human whose thought not will be how to earn money even how i can help my nation.
• Ta’alim about the person achieve good education but the tarbiyah the person apply all things whatever he/she learn in their leaving etiquettes, So both are Necessary.

Our Moto


  • Because education is not only preparation of future even education means apply all things whatever you thought in your real life.
  • Real-life applicable of knowledge and skills has been the hallmark of education.
  • Curriculum of Best Play Group School in Sarkhej in JAMIA HAFSAH SCHOOL exposure activities has developed the capacities of our student as successful learner , Confident individuals, Responsible citizens & effective contributors.

Jazak-allahu Khayran