It is right of every students that they achieve best education but although we need to keep in our mind importance of our culture. So we are going through modern education with Deeniyat. There is specific curriculum & syllabus of Deeniyat in which include Qura’an , Hadees, Fiqh, Akhlaaq which is divided according to kid’s age level. We have designed the syllabus related to Qura’an recitation, quiz competition and at the end of the year observation of whole year Akhlaaq.

Madrasas came to India from the time of Prophet Mohammed in the 7th century through Kerala (Mosque built in 629 AD in thrissur distict of kerala)  later, they made their foray from sindh in north India, but these were largely informed Madrasas.

Madrasas have played an important role in Modern Indian history, in kolkata, granted university status by the West Bengal government incidentally,  18th – 19th century social reformer Ram Mohan Ray studied in Madrasas  Aliya.

First time in our area we are providing Madrasas after school.

Second in the term of behavior our motive by getting an Islamic religious education their morals will be better for example obedient to parents and teachers, polite humble to everyone helping each other to help, at this point students need to be polite from behavior or moral parents and teachers.