Todd Care

Eligibility: 2.5 to 3 Years

Good written and verbal communication skills in Best Islamic English School in Ahmedabad in Jamia Hafsah school exclusively launches “Todd Care”, an advanced program. This program is introduced to deal with the development and provide stimulation to the children in their formative years and to overcome the challenges of parents of providing stimulation to their kids in their exploratory age.

“Todd Care” aims to provide stimulating sensory activities to toddlers. The program is aimed to involve parents in growth and development process of their little ones with several age appropriate aids, toys and activities to stimulate their overall development. Children in their twos (2 years) can be enrolled for Todd Care program(Toddler Program).

Program Features:

  1. Sensorial Stimulation
  2. Parental Involvement
  3. Social Development
  4. Motor Skill Development

Let’s turn the “Terrible Twos” into “Stimulating Twos”

Islamic Upbringing

The Qur’an provides Muslims with guidance on all aspects of their life & the Islamic religion in very much based on what it teaches people.


Disciplinary guidelines along with an attempt to teach Urdu for Deeniyat session and English for school time.